Dying Art

Brig Ellis is a new age private investigator with old school values. When he gets a call from an old flame seeking protection for her husband, he agrees to help. Seems the hubby is an artist whose star is ascending. What Brig doesn’t know, until he makes contact with the couple, is that the artist paints with the cremated ashes of human remains. While the painter’s profile is rising, so too is the number of people less than thrilled with what he is doing—and some of them are determined to stop him one way or another.

Ellis struggles to keep the detractors at a distance, the artist safe, and the old flame from igniting a new spark while he looks for a potential killer and wrestles with his own convictions about the moral conundrums surrounding this fascinating but questionable form of DYING ART.

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The Horse Killer

One man’s obsession to unravel a mystery leads to
an arduous journey, a violent confrontation, a decision that can’t be unmade, and the everlasting weight of unintended consequences.

Paperback and E-book available at Amazon.com,
and B4R Store and whitebirdpublications.com

A Farmhouse in the Rain

A World War II saga of war and peace, crime and punishment, love and loss, and eventually hope.

Who will be unmasked as the murderer on that fateful night at A Farmhouse In The Rain?

Paperback and E-book available at Amazon.com, John Hunt Publishing, barnesandnoble.com,
or wherever fine books are sold.

Editorial Praise For Dying Art and previous novels

The US Review of Books on Dying Art: From the onset, Kilgore wastes no time in separating his narrative from run-of-the-mill whodunits…The plot accelerates at a breakneck speed in a tale imbued with an electric energy that ultimately pits age old themes of morality, envy, and creativity against each other with deadly consequences.

International Writers Inspiring Change writes: The Horse Killer is a good western adventure told in classic western style, but with an unusual twist. This is a bizarre tale, one that challenges the reader to figure out who is behind the killings and why; and rest assured, it is not what you think.” See review at: http://writersinspiringchange.net

Midwest Book Review calls A Farmhouse In The Rain “a consistently compelling page-turner of a read and highly recommended for community library General Fiction collections.”

The US Review says “Kilgore has penned a well-written book with an almost Shakespearian feel to it. Filled with suspense, sacrifice, and subplots that interlock smoothly, the author’s dark chronicle of lives bound together by fate is a solid addition to the World War II thriller genre.” http://theusreview.com 

More about Joe’s short stories

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum And Library plan to include Joe’s short story, Incident On A Windswept Hill, in their 2019 Literary Journal.

Joe’s short story, An Unkind Winter, was selected by two organizations for publication but one of them had to defer. Read more about that in News & Reviews. Read the story itself at The Twisted Vine.

The Write Place At The Right Time featured Joe’s short story, The Painting. Read more about it in news and reviews.

Joe’s short story NOCTURNE, was published in The Story Shack. It details the shattering conclusion to a broken relationship beneath a full moon in the night sky over Arizona.

One of Joe’s short stories was included in the anthology, The Best Short Fiction of 2012. Which one? Find out here.

Online literary journal The Writing Disorder published Joe’s short story, “A Grim Dark Bar In A Cold Wet Town”. It’s a tense bit of noir that unfolds between the regulars and some mysterious newcomers to a watering hole where the occupants inside are as menacing as the weather outside.

Literary Magazine thewriteplaceatthewritetime.org published Joe’s short story “The Voice”. It’s a political parable that’s neither Democrat or Republican. Rather, it’s a chilling tale of acquiescing to the things we think we want to hear. And in so doing, giving up far more than we get in return. The Write Place at the Write Time previously published Joe’s tightly constructed take on murder for hire,“The Auckland Assignment”, in their anniversary edition. Learn more.

Joe’s short story, Those Who Trespass Against Us, was featured in the 16th issue of Storychord, a literary website. Find out more.

“The Gesture” was the first place winner in the Western Romance category of Moonlight Mesa’s 2nd Annual Cowboy Up Short Story Contest. Learn more.