Misfortune’s Wake

A young American, seeking escape from a tragic event that haunts him, takes a job with an international conservation organization in the foreign port of Retiro de Santos. There, events begin to multiply that menace him both physically and emotionally.

He becomes romantically involved with a local artist, and platonically involved with a young girl pursuing a better future. His environmental group begins to be sabotaged by a clandestine consortium attempting to turn a non-profit wildlife refuge into a for-profit resort.

His coworker dies mysteriously, his young friend is shanghaied, and he is swept into a caldron of hidden agendas and violent retribution. Then a raging storm barrels ashore to threaten not only the young American, but everyone and everything in its path.

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Short story collection featuring tales about
dark places and tight spaces. Mayhem,
murder, and more

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Critical Praise for Misfortune’s Wake and Previous Novels

“The writing style will make this book impossible to put down. The novel is perfect for readers who enjoy books that will keep you guessing while thinking about existential questions.” –Online Book Club

“In Cast Them Dead, the surprise ending shows the talent of Kilgore’s writing skill. Highly recommended, along with the other book, Fool’s Errand, in this series.” –Réal Laplaine, IWIC.

Hollywood Book Reviews says: “Cast Them Dead is an exciting book which has all the necessary elements that make up a great mystery. It’s a modern day whodunit novel that even Agatha Christie would be proud of.”

“Fool’s Errand, by Joe Kilgore, is an entertaining and engrossing read. Well-written and chock full with colorful language that paints a lucid picture from start to finish.” So says International Writers Inspiring Change.

Hollywood Book Reviews says: “A gripping, thought-provoking, and phenomenal read, author Joe Kilgore’s INSOMNIAC is a must-read collection of short stories. The vast variety of locations, time periods, and genres blend well with the themes of karma, choices, and consequences.”

The US Review of Books on Dying Art: From the onset, Kilgore wastes no time in separating his narrative from run-of-the-mill whodunits…The plot accelerates at a breakneck speed in a tale imbued with an electric energy that ultimately pits age old themes of morality, envy, and creativity against each other with deadly consequences.

International Writers Inspiring Change writes: “The Horse Killer is a good western adventure told in classic western style, but with an unusual twist. This is a bizarre tale, one that challenges the reader to figure out who is behind the killings and why; and rest assured, it is not what you think.” See review at: http://writersinspiringchange.net

Midwest Book Review calls A Farmhouse In The Rain “a consistently compelling page-turner of a read and highly recommended for community library General Fiction collections.”

The US Review says “Kilgore has penned a well-written book with an almost Shakespearian feel to it. Filled with suspense, sacrifice, and subplots that interlock smoothly, the author’s dark chronicle of lives bound together by fate is a solid addition to the World War II thriller genre.” http://theusreview.com


More about Joe’s Short Stories

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum And Library plan to include Joe’s short story, Incident On A Windswept Hill, in their 2019 Literary Journal.

Joe’s short story, An Unkind Winter, was selected by two organizations for publication but one of them had to defer. Read more about that in News & Reviews. Read the story itself at The Twisted Vine.

The Write Place At The Right Time featured Joe’s short story, The Painting. Read more about it in news and reviews.

Joe’s short story NOCTURNE, was published in The Story Shack. It details the shattering conclusion to a broken relationship beneath a full moon in the night sky over Arizona.

One of Joe’s short stories was included in the anthology, The Best Short Fiction of 2012. Which one? Find out here.